Friday, March 12, 2010

Chicken Pictures

When I was in High School, I got an A+ in photography. I have no idea where those A+ skills went. Actually, the only reason I did so well was because I had a crush on a girl in that class. Hopefully these C-, at best, photos will at least give people an idea of how I raise my chickens. 


Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!!...................................................

brooklynchick said...

I belong to Greenwood Heights CSA and LOVE your eggs! I hope you post more about your chickens!

Susan Elizabeth said...

You need a picture of Flash!

Mint Road Organic Produce said...

Hey there,
Just was doing a search on seeders to see which to buy and came across your blog. Great writing - have just read a couple of posts - but very helpful stuff. Entertaining too.
Wondering how the 'coolbot' thingy is working for you.
Also, do you clip your chickens' wings to get them to stay inside the electro-net fence?
Drop a line if you get a chance, would love to trade anecdotes and advice with another lone farmer.

Angie said...

Hi Dave,

I'm a friend of your brother's (Steve) out here in Portland. I am enjoying reading your blog, just in my first year of city "farming" and permaculture classes.