Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fundraiser for Evolutionary Organics

So...about that hurricane.... It's been a hectic time. Excessive rain is always a struggle on Muddy Farm because I have heavy soil, and we've had a lot of rain. I'm guessing I lost 70 percent of my crops from both the hurricane and the record rains that followed a week or so later. However, I've replanted some things, and I'm scrapping around as best I can.

I was not hit nearly as hard as my friend on the other side of the mountains--Evolutionary Organics Farm, in New Paltz. Below is a link to a fundraiser that Kira Kinney created for her farm. If anyone can help her out or spread the word to other interested people, I would be incredibly grateful. I can't tell you how many reasons why Muddy Farm wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Evolutionary Organics Farm. First of all, I learned how to grow vegetables from Kira. My greenhouse was also a gift from her. All in all, Kira is profoundly generous with her resources and farming expertise and as far as I'm concerned, a gift to her is a gift to all of the small organic farmers in the Hudson Valley who look to her and her farm as a pillar of the community.

Thank you.  Here's the link:

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Two Tigers said...

Hey Dave - I've been thinking about how you were faring with the recent bad weather conditions. Sorry to hear Muddy Farm was hit hard and that Kira was even harder hit. I hope people rally to help her out. Aside from your losses I hope things are going well for you! Sending positive energy your way...